This key factor affects our health on a daily basis. Can you guess what it is? – Buzziny

This key factor affects our health on a daily basis. Can you guess what it is?


There is no doubt that our old people live longer and healthier lives than ordinary people today. In addition to the obvious pollutants in the environment, there is a more important factor that slowly deteriorates our health every day. The culprit is hidden in our kitchen – yes, it is your cooking pot!

Although our eating habits have a direct impact on our health and well-being, eating too much junk food increases cholesterol levels and leads to a lack of protein and vitamins. Even if you often maintain a proper nutrient balance in a healthy diet, you may not see the expected health effects. This is because how you cook food determines its nutritional value.

If you cook food in traditional cookware, it will greatly reduce its health value. Metals and chemical toxins in metal and ceramic cans can penetrate food and contaminate food. The harsh heat destroys complex carbohydrates, flavonoids, phytonutrients and other subtle nutrients. When cooked foods are light and lose their natural color, their effects are clearly visible.

Water-soluble nutrients cannot be stored in the body, so we need food every day. These can be used as steam during cooking and must be released before opening the lid due to extreme steam pressure. Like other subtle nutrients, water-soluble nutrients are lost.

Can you guess what we can do to avoid this? Let me help you:

If we can only switch to the same cookware that our ancestors used to cook, we can greatly improve our health. We must abandon tradition and start cooking in pure clay pots and pans. This cooker does not soak and cook foods with food-friendly far-infrared heat – saving subtle nutrients.

In addition, they have excellent steam management – the lid is cooler than the pot during cooking, causing all steam to condense on the inner surface of the lid and continue to fall back into the food. This saves water-soluble nutrients.

Eating pure clay cooking slowly removes accumulated toxins  body organs and heals common health problems such as diabetes, blood pressure, and common diseases.

Completely biodegradable, pure clay pots and pans are also suitable for this planet! For the health of the family, thousands of people permanently switch to unglazed pure clay cookware. When do you join?