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Obesity and sexual health.


When talking about obesity, experts and armchair specialists are concerned about the major diseases caused by obesity and the surface problems of beauty and belonging. There is a lot of discussion and information about diabetes, heart disease and other issues related to obesity. But how about sexual health? Shouldn’t that conversation happen? We think so. So let’s talk about obesity, sexual health and what people need to know.

Obesity and Sexual Health: What are the risk factors?

Many men with obesity may also find themselves dealing with psychological problems with diagnosed medical sexual dysfunction or sexual behavior. This is not to say that all obese men have these problems; however, obesity will definitely increase their risk.

Gender Blocker: Medical

Men with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and diabetes are often difficult to maintain an erection. In fact, men with diabetes are 50% more likely to develop erectile dysfunction (ED) than other men. Obesity leads to excessive narrowing and hardening of blood flow, which makes the larger body rotate and makes it more difficult to cause the erection to drop to the penis.

These diseases all contribute to preventive or maintenance examinations to some extent. They destroy the inner layer of the penile blood vessels and then restrict blood flow due to lack of expansion.

Obesity may also be caused by a decrease in testosterone in the body due to the release of testosterone in the body (this is the original double-edged sword). Testosterone begins to decline in men between the ages of 40 and 50. Testosterone begins the entire erection problem without it, or uses less and drives less.

Finally, the inevitable reason: age. Sexual endurance decreases with age. The whole body will age, so it is natural that a man who is erected four times a day in his 20s may have only three impulses or abilities per week in his 60s.


Front plug: psychological

It is often overlooked that psychological causes can cause great fluctuations in men’s sexual health. Of course, problems such as depression and anxiety can manifest as ED on the body. However, in addition to ED, there are more internal influences.

An obese man can produce and maintain an erection without difficulty, but that doesn’t mean he has no sexual problems. A bad self-image is another reason why obese men may avoid being intimate with their partners. The potential refusal, the fear of another person’s unfriendly judgment, or the frustration of self can also lead to obese people ignoring his sexual health.

Easy reversal

Fortunately, studies have shown that 95% of erectile dysfunction can be easily treated. First, a person must solve the root cause of his problem, whether it is medical or psychological. After that, he needs to accept the doctor’s advice and change his lifestyle.

Factors such as taking a healthy diet, exercising more daily, getting enough sleep and not smoking are all key parts of reverse sexual dysfunction. The doctor also said that reducing the weight by 10% in two months would greatly improve the problem.

Mental health interventions such as treatment and medication may also be part of the treatment plan.

When making these changes, give the penis a little extra care. Use a well-defined penis health cream

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Strengthen and protect the penis. Look for creams that list L-carnitine as a component because it is a scientifically supported guardian against peripheral nerve damage. Find a cream containing vitamins A and C to protect against bacteria caused by sweating and promote collagen production during the fight against premature aging.